Tuesday, January 07, 2003

post script to last blog

the furry rodent is a guinea pig NOT a ham-ham

but she's not getting one because she is , like , the worst kid on the planet
i am going to start a new website of reasons why people should not have children

one of them being that they will humiliate you by sending mean notes to other children, that will make the other children cry and tell their parents and make YOU look like some sort of parenting school drop out

...she won't read this , right? I mean , this whole blog thing will be done and over with before i can cause any permenant harm, like her college roomate won't find this and post it up on the dorm bulletin board...oh man, our shrink should just tap right into Paul's paycheck cause this is going to be a long , rough road.....

everybody happy that i blog now

don't forget to ask me about the northridge fires....it's a good story
This is a salute to my seven year old's enthusiasm!!!
You go girl --
24 hours of consistent enthusiasm regarding a certain furry rodent....
she's driving us all crazy , but hey we're trying to see the positive in all this