Tuesday, January 07, 2003

post script to last blog

the furry rodent is a guinea pig NOT a ham-ham

but she's not getting one because she is , like , the worst kid on the planet
i am going to start a new website of reasons why people should not have children

one of them being that they will humiliate you by sending mean notes to other children, that will make the other children cry and tell their parents and make YOU look like some sort of parenting school drop out

...she won't read this , right? I mean , this whole blog thing will be done and over with before i can cause any permenant harm, like her college roomate won't find this and post it up on the dorm bulletin board...oh man, our shrink should just tap right into Paul's paycheck cause this is going to be a long , rough road.....

everybody happy that i blog now

don't forget to ask me about the northridge fires....it's a good story
This is a salute to my seven year old's enthusiasm!!!
You go girl --
24 hours of consistent enthusiasm regarding a certain furry rodent....
she's driving us all crazy , but hey we're trying to see the positive in all this

Saturday, November 30, 2002

latke night at the pusateri's
i have been humiliated into bloggin
i am too full from oatmeal chocltate chip cookies and stoli vanilla drinks to put up much of a fight
so after my children got all the bumps and bruises i felt a car accident comiing ...luckily it happened without the kids in the car, now I spend 3 days a week at physical therapy trying to recuperate from the fender bender
that volvo station wagon is looking better and better- side air bags and all that

even though i am here eating and drinking and socializing i am secretly wishing that i was at home watchinngg the platinum extended version of the lord of the rings---it's so good

Wednesday, September 18, 2002

Wednesday night...Charlotte fell on her face, literally, at Irish Dance and got a bloody nose. Poor thing. My children are getting too many bumps and bruises. Couch is suppossed to come tomorrow. Busy,busy,busy....lots of laundry, too. Incredibly funny Daily Show tonight, George Bush and the fool me once debacle...ohmygawd!!! too funny....watch The Daily Show on Comedy Central , it makes me laugh out loud.

Sunday, September 15, 2002

Sunday night ... Paul and I have spent the weekend prepping and priming our living room , entry way , dining room area for paint. The girls were w/ mom and dad in san jose. It sure got quiet around here. Paul had a feeling that something bad was going to happen and , sure enough, Casey fell while trying out a treadmill and thrashed the side of her leg. Paul was pretty " I told you so " about the whole thing. Casey's a freaking mess, with the cast and then this HUGE treadmill burn on the side of her leg. Maybe she'll slow down, I doubt it. Very excited to see the living room all spiffed up with paint and new furniture. Thinking about a mural for the entry way. Charlotte starts school tomorrow. And I want to go to D.C. but can't find a cheap fare. Trying to make sure I am GONE for my birthday too. Made that mistake last year.

Friday, September 13, 2002

Here it is ... I am now an official blogger.